How to register?

General Criteria

Whatever their disability level and their ability in sports, all people living with an intellectual disability have access to Special Olympics Québec' s competition network. Athletes of all ages are welcome.

Those who organize the competitions make sure that each athlete has an enriching sports experience by grouping participants with the same skill level in teams or divisions made up of 3 to 8 special athletes. Every athlete has a real chance of reaching the highest step of the podium.

Athlete Registration Process

Step 1

Contact Special Olympics Québec. A sports consultant will put you in touch with the coordinator* of a Local Chapter, according to your place of residence, age and interests in our official sports. Click here to contact us

Step 2

Complete the athlete registration form provided by the local coordinator.

Step 3

Participate in the programs offered by Special Olympics Québec.

* If your Local Chapter does not have a coordinator, SOQ will guide you through the process.

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