How do I register?

General Criteria

Those interested in becoming a Special Olympics volunteer must be 18 years or older. Individuals age 16 and under may be accepted if a letter of recommendation accompanies the registration form.

Special Olympics Québec strongly recommends that volunteers complete the SOC Technical Level 1 course within the first year of their enrolment.

Volunteer Registration Process

Step 1

Contact Special Olympics Québec and, according to your skills, experience, interests and place of residence, you will be put in touch with the coordinator* of a Local Chapter.
Click here to contact us.

Step 2

Complete the volunteer registration form provided by the local coordinator with a letter of recommendation if under the age of majority.

Step 3

Take the SOC Technical Level 1 course, which will prepare you for your work with special athletes at major Games.

Step 4

Participate as a volunteer in Special Olympics Québec programs.

* If your Local Chapter does not have a coordinator, SOQ will guide you through the process.

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