Programs for young athletes at home

The youth program was created to offer services and resources to our athletes and school-aged members. In response to the current situation, and the present self-isolation period, these services will now be available via our online platforms. Special Olympics Quebec’s resources will be available through videos on our YouTube page, as well as with PDFs and links available on our web site and social medias. We will provide links and resources from external sources and other Special Olympics chapters. This will include activities, yoga, games, and training for youth. This material has been adapted for youth with intellectual disabilities, however we encourage families and others to participate as well. 

For everyone, especially kids, routine and physical activity are very important. With the suspension of schools, our goal is to provide structure and a routine to keep kids active. We are providing tools so that our young athletes can keep moving at home and in their backyards while keeping a daily routine.  

Active Start at home

Aimed at kids between the ages of 2 and 7, this aspect of the program encourages the development of motor skills and the exploration of movement.  

Moving at home

This step targets kids between the ages of 8 and 12, focusing on developing sport and game skills.  

Toolbox : VIDEO

Positive results

For kids : 

  • Substantial improvement of physical, cognitive and social skills 
  • Staying active at home 
  • Varying activities during isolation  

For the accompanying adult : 

  • Participating in the physical and motor development of young athletes 
  • Moving and staying active with kids 

Programs for young athletes (PDF)

Contact us

To benefit from one of our young athletes programs, please contact our Program Manager:
James Lapierre, Director, Sports Programs and Community Development  • Tel. : 514 843-8778

On an individual basis, the training manual for the Active Start and FUNdamentals programs can be acquired. For a small fee, Special Olympics Québec will send the training guide to parents, guardians or educators interested in these programs.

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