School Program

School Program Objectives 

Special Olympics Québec (SOQ) is proud to extend the services it has been offering for the past 30 years to elementary and secondary schools with the introduction of its new School Program. SOQ would like to create a partnership with your school for the organization of sport activities for your students living with an intellectual disability in order to give them the opportunity to train and participate in sport competitions held in a school environment. These activities are organized according to your teachers’ needs and goals.


A positive sport experience

The method used to organize the sport events allows students of all skill levels living with an intellectual disability to have a positive and
enriching training and competition experience aimed at increasing their self-esteem and sense of pride. 


The teacher determines the type of event that he/she wants to hold. For example: a one-hour sport demonstration, a one-day championship involving another school or an event in which both special needs and regular students take part.


Students with an intellectual disability train to reach a specific goal: participating in a competition. This becomes their source of motivation.


Joining the SOQ School Program is free.


SOQ not only organizes the type of event selected, we also compile the results and give them to the teachers.


Your school will benefit from the expertise and technical knowledge of SOQ’s staff. Upon request, SOQ can offer your staff the complete training to become a certified Special Olympics coach.

To benefit from our program

  1. Contact Madeleine Sinclair, Youth Program Coordinator (514 843-8778 ext 231).
  2. Jointly with SOQ, select a sport and determine the type of event that you would like to have your students set as a goal.
  3. Prepare your students for the event during regular physical education classes or outside school hours.
  4. When your students are ready, contact SOQ.
  5. The event will be entirely organized and managed by a member of the SOQ staff so that teachers can focus on their students’ performances.
  6. Results and awards will be provided by SOQ.

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