What will Special Olympics bring me?

Grassroots volunteerism is at the heart of the Special Olympics movement's development. They are a source of inspiration within Special Olympics Québec (SOQ) and without them the movement could not exist. Each year, more than 1,650 volunteers devote their time and share their knowledge with special athletes.

Behind all athletes, there are people concerned with their well-being. Athletes benefit from the tremendous support of volunteer coaches and companions. Every volunteer will find a place in Special Olympics. Whether it is to set up a local committee, organize a competition or a fundraising activity, time a race or handle the finances, everyone can belong and can be a champion in his or her own way!

Special Olympics Québec provides a safe environment where the staff, volunteers and athletes follow a code of conduct and are covered by a liability insurance policy. Volunteers will find an excellent environment in which they can develop their interpersonal and mentoring skills, make friends, develop a sense of accomplishment and build strong ties in their community. It is an opportunity to meet other people involved as volunteers for a member of their family or to give back to the community.

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