What will Special Olympics bring me?

A most enriching experience

Special Olympics Québec (SOQ) offers quality recreational sports programs and competition opportunities at nominal or no cost to the athlete so that children and adults living with an intellectual disability throughout Québec can have access to them and a better quality of life.

It is an excellent environment for athletes, their families and friends. Behind all special athletes, there are people concerned with their well-being. Athletes benefit all year long from the tremendous support of volunteer coaches. By registering for the SOQ programs, athletes can:

  • improve their fitness level
  • develop their motor skills
  • go beyond their personal goals
  • gain self-esteem
  • become more autonomous
  • develop interpersonal skills and friendships
  • join a regular sports club
  • have the opportunity to travel

The fundamental difference between Special Olympics and other sports organizations is the way its competition system is run. Athletes are part of small groups, following a principle called "divisioning". These groups are created according to skill levels. This ensures fair competition for all athletes and helps them reach their goals in sport and contributes to their personal development. 



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