Volunteers are the cornerstone of Special Olympics Québec's development. They are a source of inspiration and allow the movement to exist. Between 1,000 and 1,500 volunteers give their time and share their knowledge with special athletes throughout the year.

If you want to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities, there’s a place for you in Special Olympics Québec. 

Concerned about the safety of the athletes who work for the organization, the Special Olympics Québec Board of Directors adopted a policy on criminal record checks. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that each person who works with athletes, be they a volunteer or an employee, undergoes a criminal record check. 

Moreover, the rule of two, which ensures that a coach, volunteer, or employee is never alone with an athlete, reinforces the safety net against any form of verbal, physical, or psychological abuse. Our goal is to provide a healthy environment in which everyone can safely thrive.

Whether it is to set up or administer a local committee, organize a sports competition or fundraising activities, coach athletes or time a race, everyone can become a volunteer and make a difference!

Special Olympics Québec requires volunteers to complete the [SO Competition Training – Introduction] within two years of their first participation as a volunteer in the movement. In this way, athletes benefit from the support of qualified volunteer coaches and chaperones.

Special Olympics Québec offers a safe environment where staff, volunteers, and athletes are governed by a code of conduct and protected by accident insurance. 

Within Special Olympics, volunteers find it a great place to contribute to society, grow and build strong relationships. They also get the opportunity to meet other people who volunteer for a family member or lend a helping hand to people with intellectual disabilities in their community.

How do I apply?


You can become a volunteer as early as the age of 16; a letter of consent from your parents is required.

You must complete the [SO Competition Training – Introduction] no later than two years after your first participation as a volunteer in the movement.


Steps to apply

Step 1

[Fill out the Special Olympics Québec Volunteer Application Form. Depending on your skills, abilities, interests, and location, you will be directed to a local chapter contact person.


Step 2

Provide the information necessary for a criminal record check.


Step 3

Take the [SO Competition Training – Introduction] training to prepare you to work with special athletes.


Step 4

Get started!

Vous voulez aider ?

Grâce au travail acharné d'une armée de bénévoles dédiés à l'entraînement, à l'accompagnement et à l'organisation de nos activités sportives et de collectes de fonds, nous pouvons réaliser de grandes choses.

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